Play Engaging War Games With X Box One

The gaming industry is evolving with quality graphics and resolutions. It’s become more and more engaging and impactful. The X box has taken the gaming industry to a whole new level.

If you are a real gamer and love strategy games, you can now enjoy them on consoles. Earlier, it was hard to find strategy games on consoles, due to poor graphics and interface. But now, strategy games are available with the best graphics of all times. There are a lot of strategy games that exist on both PCs and X Box resulting in bridging the gap of the two worlds. Both Microsoft and X Box One Games have introduced the X box Pass that offers the same features and services on the PC.

Some of the biggest strategy games for X Box One and PC

  • Bad North – It is a micro-game involving real gaming tactics, quizzing elements, and positioning strategies. The players have to control the troops and defend an island of different sizes and topography from the attackers. The game excites the players with exceptional graphics and engaging storyline. Your strategy needs to be thoughtful to protect the island from the attackers.
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the shogun – the stealth game is set in Japan introducing new missions to achieve national peace. The game is about new conspiracies, killings, forest camps, castles, and Snow Mountains. The several characters in the game are Samurai Mugen, Hayato, Geisha, Yuki, etc. 
  • Wargroove – It is a strategy game for up to 4 players. The game is about war, battle strategies, exploring maps, choosing commander, and formulating new war strategies. The strategy game lovers enjoy the changing dynamics of the war strategies in this game. The game involves a lot of bloodshed and thus it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.